The RotaChock, an adjustable chock, accurately aligns engines and machinery such as ship engines, presses, pumps and lathes.

RotaChock is a recent development focusing on all sectors and industries where large machinery and engines need accurate alignment – from shipping to mining and metalworking, and from petrochemicals to the transport sector.

The RotaChock comes into its own where other products stop. The careful thinking behind its design puts this chock miles ahead of the field.

RotaChock SlimLine

In cases where the standard RotaChock won’t fit the available space between the machine and the foundation, the RotaChock SL probably will!

With an overall height starting at only 20mm or 13/16” the slim line version will suit most of the retro-fit applications while still offering an adjustment range of 10mm or 3/8”.

For sizing chart, download the RotaChock PDF here.

For engineering and installation details download the RotaChock Information Book here.

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